How to maintain the effectiveness of your security system?

As a security specialist, we do not only install security systems. As we are seeing through performance, we ensure an optimal quality and effectiveness of your security system. In order to match our clients’ highest expectations, TEB V&S provides 3 maintenance offers with the teleservice always included: because we live in a connected world, we are flexible and we are a local partner.

Increase your security system reliability

All our maintenance offers are including the teleservice. The latter will enable us to be alerted in case of eventual malfunction like low battery, network interruption, video camera down, etc.

In order to meet each professional expectations and needs, we provide three level of maintenance offers.

Alliance maintenance option

This maintenance option maintains your security system reliability. With teleassistance included, our technical teams are notified in real time in case of malfunction. This enable to fix the problem the earliest. An assistance line is open 24/7 in order to help you solve any kind of trouble.

Frequency maintenance option

This maintenance option includes preventive maintenance plus the tele-assistance service. Preventive maintenance provides a technical assistance on site once a year. During this visit, your whole security system will be assessed:

  • if video camera are filming the right angle
  • if videos are matching the referral images from the installation
  • if zoom lenses are operational, if hard drive are not full
  • if your records are still available on your network
  • if nothing is obscuring your video surveillance, etc.

Many controls will be led during the preventive maintenance yearly appointment in order to optimize your security system lifetime.

Excellence maintenance option

This maintenance option includes the best from the two previous options: teleassistance and preventive maintenance, plus, we added the curative maintenance service. The latter will enable us to intervein in case of breakdown. Our technical teams will fix the defective elements the earliest.

If you need more information about our maintenance services, please contact us!