Flow and Traffic Counting

Why opting for a flow and traffic counting solution?

A good understanding of your customers is one of the keys for a successful business. TEB Vidéo & Sécurité offers to integrate artificial intelligence into your video surveillance system in order to count people and vehicles flow.  All our solutions are made in compliance with the National Information Science and Liberties Commission (GPDR included).

Flow and traffic counting solution

To install the best fitted intelligent CCTV system, we recommend to start with an audit of your actual security system. The latter will help to identify your needs according to your business sector, your site’s problematics, and your security risks.

  • Whether it is a question to identify the historic hourly profile or your customers’ behaviors
  • To quantify the flow on your parking lots, on your store fronts or in your shop to deduct KPI’s
  • To manage your sales force according to season peaks or else
  • To measure your company, events or outdoor spaces’ attraction
  • To analyze an event impact (like a shop opening, a promotion, a display, etc.)   
  • To understand your customers behavior

What are the benefits of a flow and traffic counting solution?

Inserting artificial intelligence in your video surveillance system will help to analyze KPI’s and to maximize your business operations. In that way, you will be efficient and able to see what’s going on in real time and retrospectively thanks to an ergonomic software that can:

  • Measure your conversion rate in a reliable way
  • Know your audience and address customized advertisement
  • Quantify your customers, like how many vehicles, how many people, seasons’ peaks, etc.  in order to improve your conversion rates and to organize your sales force
  • Obtain an accurate tracking of your customers that will help to manage your commercial and marketing strategies according to ages and genders
  • Protect your business from shopliftings by deploying enough sales force during season peaks

Previously, security systems were focused on goods and people protection. Today, thanks to artificial intelligence, your security system is now a marketing tool which will enhance your business.

Install a flow and traffic counting solution

We provide a full range of services to install your intelligent system for marketing analysis.

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