Maintenance and After-sales service

TEB Vidéo & Sécurité has its own technician’s network located in France and worldwide. We have a global reach and a local touch to repair or to maintain your security systems.

92% of our customers say that they are satisfied of the hotline handling

82% of our customers say that they are satisfied of the after-sales service

(Sources: customer satisfying survey realized in 2017/2018 based on 288 active customers.)

TEB maintenance and after-sales service

What are the benefits of a maintenance and after-sales service?

TEB Vidéo & Sécurité supports professionals during their security project and even after the installation. With a full range of services, we provide effective results with custom-tailored system integration solutions. Our solutions help businesses to increase security effectiveness and to reduce risk.

To maintain a high security efficiency, we provide maintenance and after-sales service. Our expertise covers hardware and software installations to maintain a perfect operational level.

Thanks to our wide technicians’ network, we have a dedicated team for repair emergencies, after sales service and maintenance.

To make it easy for you, we include a remote service in all our maintenance options! We have real time notifications in case of any issue like low battery, network or device failure, etc.

alliance maintenance service
Alliance option: Maintains your installations’ reliability and the remote assistance is included.
Frequency option: Maintains your installations’ reliability with preventive maintenance and remote assistance included.
Excellence Maintenance TEB
Excellence option: Maintains your installations’ reliability with preventive and curative maintenance, plus remote assistance included.

How does the maintenance and after-sales service operate?

All our installations are guaranteed 2 years (parts and labor) right after the construction is over. Then, our maintenance options take over to maintain your security system, extend its lifespan and ensure your investment.

We have 3 maintenance options to meet your expectations and to ensure your security system reliability. Because we live in a connected world, we include the remote service in all our offers to ease your security installation’s administration.

A full range of solutions

TEB Vidéo & Sécurité offers a range of value-added solutions in terms of: electronic security, marketing intelligence or optimized administration.

TEB intelligent solutions