Construction Industry

To what kind of construction sector’s challenges are answering our solutions?

According to recent studies, approximately 2% of losses are estimated on construction sites. This rate can increase to 7% in sensitive areas. To protect their construction sites and their workers, many building contractors have decided to use intelligent CCTV solution.

TEB Vidéo & Sécurité is an integrator of intelligent security solutions that can be used for:

Advanced security

Video surveillance and electronic security to protect goods, materials and people

Marketing intelligence

Marketing intelligence to count vehicles and people flows or for communication thanks to HD videos that promote the know-how of your company

Optimized administration

Or also, as an optimized administration tool to track your products and analyze your business operations

An intelligent and made-to-measure security system

Secure your construction site

To provide a made-to-measure solution, our design office will analyze your economic and strategic challenges in order to create the best security equipment that fits your budget

With a wide security solutions, you can:

  • Control accesses of your construction sites by checking authorized people and vehicles
  • Fight against thefts of your building site machinery, tools or raw materials
  • Protect the construction site of vandalism and fires
  • Avoid unwanted walkers
  • Identify quickly a suspect activity: a worker in danger, an unwanted person in a define perimeter, a malicious act, etc.
  • Gain in mobility thanks to a movable CCTV solution that do not require civil engineering for the installation;
  • Promote the know-how of your company by filming constantly your employees to make a unique communication tool

Mutualized budget

TEB Vidéo & Sécurité provides global solutions for the construction industry to face all your security challenges. By mutualizing applications from your CCTV solutions, you make your security equipment more profitable because it is:

  • A data analysis or communication tool
  • A cost saver against losses
  • A global and multi-sites protection that can be managed remotely through a unique interface
  • An operational, autonomous and movable CCTV system
  • A reliable system

Install your intelligent security system

To support construction industry in their security projects, we provide a full range of services starting from the installation and ending to the maintenance.

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