Customer Experience

Why is it crucial to optimize customers’ experience?

It is proven that a satisfied customer will recommend a brand to three people. On the other hand, when a customer is not satisfied, he will relate the fact to twelve people he knows.

It is also proven that 75% of bad experiences are not related to a product. In addition, 50% of customers are ready to give up their purchases if service is not efficient.

Customer experience optimization solution

To improve your customers experience, understand their behaviors and to gain their loyalty, TEB Vidéo & Sécurité provides smart CCTV systems.  

In order to find the best intelligent system for your business, we recommend to start your security project with the audit and consulting service. The latter will help to identify your needs according to your business’s size, sector and challenges.  All our solutions are made in compliance with the National Information Science and Liberties Commission (GPDR included).

  • Increase your revenues thanks to a smooth and stylish customers’ experience
  • Avoid cart abandonment by adjusting in real time your number of cash desks
  • Measure instantly the time spent on your sales area
  • Notice if your merchandising needs supply

What are the benefits of a customer experience solution?  

Inserting artificial intelligence into your video surveillance system will make you save time. Your equipment will be able to generate reliable smart data’s that you can use for optimizing your sales areas and your customers’ relationship.

  • You can manage lines in real time
  • You can plan your human resources according to visitors’ peaks
  • You can protect your business against shoplifting
  • You can obtain customer’s loyalty by providing a fast and efficient service
  • You can maximize your revenues by being automatically alerted in case of shelves supply needed

Back in the days, security systems were focused on goods and people protection. Nowadays, smart security systems are providing value-added resources to enhance your customer experience.

Install an intelligent solution to optimize customer experience

We provide a full range of services to install your intelligent system for marketing analysis.

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