Our values

TEB group’s values are registered in the genetic code of each solution created by TEB Vidéo & Sécurité, the made-to-measure security solutions integrator for professionals.

Since the last 40 years, TEB Vidéo and Securité is animated by security and safety passion and creates solutions around 4 fundamental values: innovation, technology, Made in France and eco-conception.


  • Stakeholder force of a group that reinvested 10% of its turn-over in Research and Development each year
  • New solutions’ conception is inspired by the needs to gain in agility, in intelligence and in reliability: customers’ needs are our main driver
  • We offer multi- uses solutions; starting from a security system to a performance’s optimization tool



  • The artificial intelligence’s knowledge allows us to provide solutions at the forefront of technology
  • We build your project made-to-measure and ready to use, with digitalized and connected services
  • We support the French Tech

Made in France

  • We use the French Tech’s know-how to create made-to-measure solutions
  • We are proud of our Burgundian’s anchorages
  • We focus on French products and solutions
Made in France


  • We select our suppliers regarding to their commitments in terms of technology, innovation, quality, efficiency and eco-conception