Live remote monitoring

TEB Vidéo & Sécurité offers a live remote monitoring service integrated to our maintenance service. The latter manages and optimizes your company security and insures peace of mind.

TEB Live remote monitoring service

What is our philosophy in terms of live remote monitoring? 

To deliver a turnkey service, we provide a live remote monitoring service that connects your different security equipment to a platform. All alarms gather to a platform that removes a doubt thanks to a video check before following your instructions.

This service ensures :

  • A 24/7 remote video surveillance of your site
  • A fast intervention guaranteed
  • A cost saving compared to caretaking or a security patrol
  • A real benefit in terms of serenity

What is the methodology of a live remote monitoring service?

Our goal is to offer you an interconnected, efficient and made-to-measure service to answer to all stakes of your profession and your business sector.

  • All alarms are connected together: intrusion, fire, dysfunction … Warning signals are sent to a center which will do a doubt removal through video or a physical check if it’s necessary. After that, your instructions are applied (connection with the police, call, lighting, siren, doors or accesses blocked…)
  • We rely on our partner, SOTEL, which is APSAD R31 certified.

All systems that we design and integrate, are interconnected with our live remote monitoring platforms. We adapt the service level according to your needs.

A full range of intelligent solutions

Each day, we are protecting several companies in terms of video protection and electronic security. Today, we are able to install intelligent security systems that will enhance your productivity in resources administration and marketing analysis.

TEB intelligent solutions