Dynamic Communication In-Store

Why opting for a dynamic communication in-store solution?

The communication strategy is one of the biggest challenges for professionals as it can be a growth driver and a return on investment. TEB Vidéo & Sécurité offers to integrate a dynamic communication system to your security screens. Optimize your security investment by mutualizing your security budget with the communication’s one.

Dynamic communication in store solution

According to your specifications and an appointment with our consulting service, we will be able to design the best fitted intelligent security system for your business. Our solutions comply with the National Information Science and Liberties Commission (GPDR included).

  • Communicate with your customers on a new service, product, schedule or else
  • Protect you staff and merchandises, plus reassure your customers with an intelligent security system
  • Customize your advertisement according to you audience
  • Maintain your brand image inside your sales areas  

What are the benefits of the dynamic communication solution?

A dynamic communication solution will enhance your customers loyalty thanks to customized advertisements and may transform prospects into customer. Thanks to artificial intelligence integrated at the heart of your video surveillance system, you will be able to:

  • Detect suspect behaviors and remind to customers that they are on camera
  • Improve your customers’ relationship with customized products or services advertisements
  • Create a brand universe with a standardized experience on all your communication channels
  • Give a new vision of your products or services with an interactive view on screens
  • Commercialize a new area in store

Back in the days, security systems were focused on goods and people protection. Nowadays, your video surveillance system synchronizes with your communication strategy to customize your customers’ experience.

Install a dynamic communication solution

We provide a full range of services to install your intelligent system for communication purposes.

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