Public Areas, City Halls and Communities

To what kind of Public sector’s challenges are answering our solutions?

Public institutions’ security is a concern for all cities. To protect towns, infrastructures, inhabitants; many elected members councilors have opted for CCTV solutions.

As an intelligent solutions integrator, TEB Vidéo & Sécurité provides all kind of security systems and CCTV solutions that can be used for:

Advanced security

Video surveillance and electronic security for people and goods’ protection

Optimized administration

Or also, for an optimized administration to plan your resources for example

An intelligent and made-to-measure security system

Securize your city

To create a made-to-measure security system, we advise to start with an audit in order to collect all your business’s challenges and to provide a customized financing plan.

You can choose a visible security equipment in order to prevent malicious acts, or something discreet and in harmony with your facilities. With a wide range of intelligent solutions, your security system can:

  • Improve your traffic administration with parking lots surveillance or in case of accidents
  • Control accesses of your buildings, parking lot or restricted areas
  • Save construction cost or time with a plug & play CCTV system
  • Supervise easily and remotely your installation thanks to a multi-sites interface
  • Increase the security feeling of your citizens against thefts, attacks or accidents
  • Prevent malicious and vandalism acts to avoid losses

Mutualized budgets

TEB Vidéo & Sécurité provides global and made-to-measure security solution for the public sector. By mutualizing applications from your video surveillance system, you make your security equipment more profitable because it is:

  • A resources planner
  • A smart data analytical tool
  • A remote multi-sites device that alerts you instantly
  • A tool that decreases criminal acts
  • A reliable solution

Install your intelligent security system

We provide a full-service offer to install your security system for a smart city.

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