What are the properties of a CCTV solution?

CCTV, also named video surveillance, helps to prevent malicious acts and to return on what happened. TEB Vidéo & Sécurité proposes to integrate reliable CCTV solutions. Our solutions will ensure your company security according to your needs. All of our intelligent solutions are designed to comply with the national information science and liberties commission regulation (GPDR included).

According to your business sector, your challenges, your company’s size and the complexity of your needs that we can identify with an audit, we will be able to put forward a security system installation, whatever your project is.

  • Whether it is a question to monitor a sensitive area of your company;
  • Secure and track goods flows or cash transports with intelligent cameras;
  • Check the access of your parking lot thanks to an automatic license plate reading system;
  • Ensure protection of a lonely worker or of your staff against fires, incivilities, attacks or other criminal actions thanks to alarms;
  • Equip totally your warehouse or your business with rail cameras that will remove all blind spots and will fight against shopliftings and frauds;
  • Integrate an intelligent marketing system to your CCTV system in order to analyze your customers’ path and to count your business audience;
  • Optimize your stocks administration thanks to intelligent cameras that will help you to organize and track your resources.

What are the benefits of a CCTV system?

The security and safety’s spheres are in perpetual improvement to adjust their solutions to new challenges. Today, CCTV is not an option anymore, it is the most efficient way for protection, the most reactive and the most profitable:

  • You can identify problems in real time, on site or remotely thanks to video monitoring and a connected software
  • You can analyze a problem instantly thanks to alarms and take action in short time, or analyze images summary in one click to find a specific moment
  • You can prevent thefts and get real results against shopliftings and frauds
  • You will increase the security feeling of your staff and you will be able to take quick action in case of troubles

Formerly, CCTV was focused on its first goal: security system’s optimization. Nowadays, it is able to respond to marketing concerns, and to administration and management optimization. CCTV becomes a real booster for global performances that can be shared with several support services.

Design, Install and Maintain your CCTV system

We provide a full range of services to give you a turnkey and long-lasting solutions.

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