To what kind of Health sector’s challenges are answering our solutions?

Lately, the medical community were facing incivilities rising. To ensure the treatment service quality, they feel the urge to protect their facilities.

As an intelligent solutions integrator, TEB Vidéo & Sécurité provides security systems that can be used for:

Advanced security

Video surveillance and electronic security to protect your goods, patients and staff

Optimized administration

But also, to help you in your daily administration with human resources planning for example

An intelligent and made-to-measure security system

Securize your medical center

To create your customized security system, we recommend to start with an audit of your business. The latter will help to analyze your actual systems, to detect all potential risks and to budget your needs

You can choose a visible security solution in order to prevent malicious acts, or a discreet equipment to fit in your decoration. With a wide range of made-to-measure solutions, your security system can:

  • Control the accesses of your parking lots, storehouses or other sensitive areas such as: maternity ward, psychiatry, pharmaceutical storing, etc.
  • Manage patients’ path: to guide your patients, to thin arrivals and to manage your human resources.
  • Help you in your organization with detection of unusual situations (incivilities, man down alarm, runaways…) and a double check in case of alarms thanks to a remote monitoring access.
  • Secure people: protect your staff and patients against attacks, incivilities and malicious intrusions.

Mutualized budgets

TEB Vidéo & Sécurité provides global solutions for the medical and health sector to face your business’s challenges. By mutualizing CCTV solution’s applications, you make your security equipment more profitable because it is:

  • A resources planner
  • A tool that decreases malicious acts
  • A reliable system that gives smart data instantly
  • A unique device to supervise all your sites

TEB Vidéo & Sécurité intelligent security solutions are piece of mind guaranteed.

Install your intelligent security system

We support the medical community with a full-service to install your security system in your facilities.

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