Optimized Administration

Passion and integration at the heart of our administration solutions

TEB Vidéo & Sécurité provides a range of intelligent and innovative administration solutions, integrated directly into your security system in order to increase productivity. Our agile solutions are adapted to all challenges of your business sector. Each of our intelligent solutions comply with National Information Science and Liberties Commission regulations (GPDR included).

Based on a know-how practiced for more than 40 years as intelligent systems integrator, we help our customers with their projects, starting from the conception and ending to the maintenance of their installations.

For any business sector, we have the solution

Resources planning solution

Resources planning:

We supply a tool ables to define your needs in terms of workforce deployment. Discover how you can manage your activity.

Stocks administration solutions

Stocks administration:

Getting a good stocks rotation is part of all companies’ challenges. Discover how to rationalize this task to serve your customers better!

Tracking solution


Inventory, inputs and outputs administration and restocking are fastidious tasks? Discover how to rationalize your stocks easier…

A made-to-measure support

We know that each project is different according to your business sector. That’s why we provide to our customers a full range of services to create the best solution together.