To answer to each of your professional challenges, TEB Vidéo & Sécurité provides a full range of solutions, made-to-measure and in compliance with the National Information Sciences and Liberties Commission regulations (GPDR included).

Advanced security solutions

CCTV solution


Also called video surveillance, a CCTV system is used to protect people and properties related to your company.

Access control solution

Access control:

Access control systems manage accessibilities outside and within your organization thanks to badge devices, facial recognition or automatic license plates reading system.

Intrusion detection solution

Intrusion detection:

An intrusion detection system is a device that detects intrusions around your company or a break-in attempt.

Fire detection solution

Fire detection:

Henceforth mandatory for all facilities receiving people: get guidance from an expert to optimize your company fire alarm system.

Optimized administration solutions

Resources planning solution

Resources planning:

Small or big company, you can maximize your human resources administration thanks to real-time alerts and to medium and long-term analyses for your workforce needs.

Stocks administration solution

Stocks administration:

You can optimize your supply chain or your business operations thanks to technology! Be notified of your replenishment requirements in real-time and avoid stockouts.

Tracking solution


Your video surveillance system can notify a production flaw and helps you to anticipate your customer needs. 

Marketing intelligence solutions

Flow and traffic counting solution

Flow and traffic counting:

Discover a technology, integrated inside your CCTV devices, that is able to recognize people, objects, to count and to analyze … A real analytic tool for data analysis.

Customer experience optimization solution

Customer experience optimization:

Satisfying your customers has become an issue? Discover our analytical tools to customize your shop offer and to ensure a unique customer experience, conveyor of trust and commitment.

customer path analysis solution

Customer path analysis:

In a click, you will be able to export analytical data and statistics on your business: conversion rate, merchandising or marketing operations’ efficiencies, time on the sales area, etc.

Dynamic communication in store solution

Dynamic communication in-store:

Back in the day, a security system was a heavy investment and the break-even point was difficult to estimate. Nowadays, you can monetize new areas in-store thanks to dynamic display on your video surveillance screens.

To help you from the start of your project, passing by its execution, to your installation and maintenance; discover our full and complete services offer.