Retail and Mass Retailing

To what kind of retail and mass retailing sector’s challenges are answering our solutions?

In addition of security challenges, the retail and mass retailing sectors have to face fierce competition due to the recent online business growth. We notice that retaining customers is harder than before: that’s why customer experience’s optimization becomes one of the main challenges. Today, it is fundamental to understand your customers, their behaviors and to answer to their demands while optimizing costs and administration processes.

TEB Vidéo & Sécurité integrates security solutions that can be used:

advanced security

For electronic security purposes: to prevent losses and protect your people and properties

Marketing intelligence

In marketing intelligence: to get smart data on your customers’ behaviors and habits

Optimized administration

To help you in your daily administration and your resources planning.

A global security system made-to-measure

Securize your business - retail sector

From a simple camera, several uses are possible.

To create your security system installation, we preconize to start with an audit of your company for risks assessments and for budget optimization.

You can choose an obvious security equipment in order to prevent malicious acts, or more discreet and in harmony with your decoration. With a wide range of made-to-measure solutions, your security system can:

  • Protect your stocks from frauds, thefts or intrusions to fight against shopliftings
  • Protect your staff and your customers by detecting suspect behaviors, incivilities or fires
  • Control accesses of specific areas such as stocks, storehouses, offices or staff parking lots
  • Optimize your customer experience with analytic tools to understand their interests and their needs or to communicate efficiently with them…
  • Administrate stocks shelfs thanks to automatic alerts for shortage
  • Plan your human resources with lines’ management

Mutualized budgets

TEB Vidéo & Sécurité provides global and made-to-measure solutions for retail and mass retailing businesses that answer most of your activity’s challenges. By mutualizing video protections applications, you can make your security equipment profitable because it is:

  • A way to decrease shopliftings
  • A software that will maximize your turn-over thanks to smart data collection and analysis
  • A human resources organizer
  • An intuitive software that works for you and give you peace of mind to run your business

All our solutions are integrated into a unique software in order to centralized all information and to connect your sites together.

Install your intelligent security system

We provide a full range of services to install your security system.

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