Intrusion Detection

What are the properties of an intrusion detection system?

An intrusion detection system permits to immediately react to all kind of intrusion attempts in your facilities and defined perimeters. TEB Vidéo & Sécurité is an integrator of reliable and efficient intrusion detection systems for your company protection.

To ensure an optimal security system’s installation with an intrusion detection that will perfectly fit your project, we advise to start with the audit and consulting service. The latter will identify your business’s problematics according to your company size and the complexity level of your needs.

  • Whether you want to install an intrusion detection system in your facilities and around it;
  • To implement dissuasive processes like a siren, an alarm or a fog generator;
  • To avoid false alarm and to remove a doubt through your CCTV system;
  • To have a double check thanks to remote monitoring and the caretaking of your building;
  • To install cameras with artificial intelligence in order to make a distinction between animals, humans or vehicles within a defined perimeter.

What are the benefits of an intrusion detection system?

The security and safety environments are in perpetual improvement to answer to your company’s protection challenges. Integrating an intrusion detection system will reinforce your company security and improve your reactivity against criminal attempts:

  • You can remove a doubt in real time and remotely, directly on your smartphone for example;
  • You can decrease your remote monitoring costs by avoiding security patrol in case of intrusion detection;
  • You can increase your reactivity in case of intrusion by integrating an intelligent system to cameras that makes distinction between animals, humans or vehicles within a your defined perimeter;
  • You can be warned instantly of intrusions and avoid criminal attempts;
  • You can secure your property, goods, merchandises and people by preventing intrusions in a reliable and quick way.

Previously, intrusion detection systems did not reach this automation and reliability level. With intelligent security systems you will save time and peace of mind.

Design, install and maintain your intrusion detection system

As a global security provider, we focus on delivering operational full service to install your intrusion detection system.

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