What if our security solutions could help gain in productivity?

There are several solutions aimed at improving the customer experience and building loyalty through marketing analysis. What if the security systems offered by TEB Video & Security allowed supermarkets to become more productive ?

Supermarkets represent nearly 10,000 points of sale in France and are frequented by hundreds of people every day. Security solutions are therefore essential in this sector to channel the flows.

Yes, but how ? 

Retail is a very competitive sector. This is why it is necessary for retailers to be reactive in the implementation of operational marketing actions in order to optimize the customer experience. Intelligent security solutions are made available to them in order to mutualize the video protection budget with the marketing budget.

Flow and traffic counting :

This solution allows to analyze and understand the flow of people and vehicles. By integrating artificial intelligence into CCTV systems, retailers can identify the profile and behavior of their customers.

Optimizing the customer experience:

Today, customers are looking for comfortable, quality and fast services to do their shopping. Thanks to artificial intelligence, an improved customer experience is possible :

– Saving time for customers : adjusting the number of open checkouts, reducing waiting time and making the customer experience more fluid

– Inventory management and merchandising improvement : identify the departments to be stocked thanks to automatic alerts

Customer journey analysis :

This solution is essential to boost the productivity of a point of sale. Indeed, understanding the consumer and his buying habits through video, allows to direct their marketing and sales strategies. Moreover, the management of the shelves and an optimized merchandising, allowed by this integrated system, aims at attracting more the customer on the offers which are addressed to him. 

Dynamic in-store communication :

An intelligent security system, based on customer analysis, represents a good opportunity for points of sale to improve their communication strategies and consider new channels. Indeed, it is possible to insert advertising or informative content to the deterrent screens. A way for the points of sale to ensure the safety of all, while enriching the customer relationship