TEB V&S, forty rocks

Forty years of knowledge and know-how are worth celebrating!  TEB V&S cannot rest on its laurels and is now looking for new challenges and development… Discover our new positioning on the security sector.

A new positioning for a new dimension

Created in 1978, TEB was a designer, an editor and an integrator of video surveillance systems until 2017. With increasing ambition, TEB decided to create its own growth driver by separating its activities into two brands.

On one side, the conception and edition of hardware and software are proceeding under Pryntec.

And on another, TEB Vidéo & Sécurité is born to operate intelligent security solutions integration. The brand works with a multi-brands catalog and offers a special flexibility to its customers in terms of solutions and prices.

An equipment with several uses

The idea is to capitalize on what TEB is doing best and to improve it: security is its business’s core and videos are the foundation of all solutions. Starting from here, the company added new functionalities such as marketing and administration directly into its video systems!

And guess what is the most surprising is this? It is not even new! TEB Vidéo & Sécurité has already been developing intelligent solutions since a long time ago. Strong of its French know-how incubated into the Research and Development department, TEB V&S’s team is ready to accompany any kind of business sectors for its new catalog launch.

A new customer experience

To support this project, TEB Vidéo & Sécurité did not have any other choice than to modernize itself: a new website and redesign of the solutions and services offer.

In this way, we are proud to offer a full range of services to guide professionals from all business sectors through: audit, consulting, conception, installation, maintenance, after-sales service and trainings!

Concurrently, we provide a catalog with value-added solutions. We are able to integrate artificial intelligence at the heart of our video surveillance systems in order to answer your business challenges in terms of:

We put passion and integration at the heart of our solutions.