New safety and sanitation protocols for retailers, what is changing?

On Saturday 30th of January, Decree No. 2021-99 was published, modifying the previous safety and sanitation protocols for French Retail in order to limit the pandemic COVID-19. Here is what you should know:

Shopping malls or shops of more than 20,000m² will have to close down

On February 1st of 2021, stores and shopping centers with a shop area of 20,000m² or more will no longer be able to be open.

Only food stores are allowed to remain open in shopping centers.

The click & collect activity is also prohibited for the establishments concerned by the closure.

The limiting capacity changes to 10m² per customer for shops over 400m²

For businesses of more than 400m² authorized to remain open, they will have to reserve a space of 10m² per customer; which reduce the previous capacity that was 8m² per customer.

For shops from 8m² to 399m², they will not be able to receive more customers than the number of customers allowed to reserve a space of 8m² per customer.

For shops with a sales area of less than 8m², they can only accommodate one person at a time.

Note that the limiting capacity of the store must be displayed and visible from the outside. It can also be modified by the department’s prefect.

Install a people counting solution to bring you up to standard

In this context of health crisis, government obligations are changing rapidly. In order to comply with the standards in a short implementation time, we offer an automated people counting solution.

Our people counting solution works autonomously. It can be installed independently of your current security system to be deployed quickly and at a lower cost.

On the same principle as a counter, a 3D camera will scan and count the entries and exits of your store. The information is then sent to a screen to monitor capacity in real time. In order to avoid any overflow, an SMS is sent when the threshold is almost reached.

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