Intrusion, theft: Is your establishment well protected?

Protecting your business against intrusion and theft is a necessity to ensure the safety of your establishment and your staff. How do you manage the security of your business? How do you know if your site is well protected? We tell you everything!

Security solutions to protect your establishment

When we talk about security, we systematically think about the use of video surveillance cameras, it’s true, but not only!

Security is effectively achieved through video surveillance placed in strategic locations. These cameras will play a dissuasive role and several parameters are to be taken into account: night vision, waterproofing, motorization…  

Moreover, these videos must be usable and stored. For that, there are viewing and administration softwares that will allow the remote control of the cameras. These softwares are also used for replay when necessary. As videos are heavy, a storage space that meets the RGPD regulations will also be essential for the proper use of your video solution.

Use an integrator to fight against intrusion and theft

For more peace of mind, it is recommended to call on professionals. They will find the best global solution to protect your business. An integrator will examine your establishment, identify the key areas to secure, and propose solutions adapted to your needs.

At TEB Video & Security, we offer intelligent solutions for multiple uses: access control, video protection, fire detection, and more! Did you know that video can also be used for marketing or management purposes? Counting, traffic, customer experience, stock management… Everything is tailor-made!

From audit to financing, through integration and maintenance, or training and remote video surveillance, we have the expertise to deliver a turnkey service. Why don’t we start with an audit?